Raza Kopi
Company Industry : Food and Beverage (FnB)
  1. The complexity of managing employee work schedules with a manual shifting system during the pandemic
  2. The time-consuming process of rescheduling leave during the pandemic
  1. Utilizing Axdif's online attendance and leave features to acquire real-time attendance reports
  2. Owners can manage work schedules quickly and accurately via a smartphone

Mobile Attendance App As An Insurance For Tracking Productivity And Managing Payroll
During the Covid-19 pandemic, the government implemented a restrictions policy on community activities to reduce the spreading of the virus. This policy includes social distancing until limiting the number of people in the building. This policy inhibited business processes from operating normally. In the end, It led to a new working system in response to the new situation.
Nonetheless, some industrial sectors such as FnB must continue to operate despite implementing health protocols or activity restrictions. One of the efforts is to minimize direct physical contact, at least for the employees involved in the production process in this industry.
Thus, this case study was created by Axdif to describe how a business in the F&B Industry manages the dynamic of employee shifting and leave during the pandemic situation. Raza Kopi is a coffee shop that sells food and beverages. In managing many employees, Raza Kopi encountered obstacles in terms of administration and employee schedules.
Changing Manual Attendance To Mobile Attendance Via Smartphone To Minimize Physical Contact
The work schedule at Raza Kopi uses a shift work system or alternately, where certain employees may have different working hours in some week. Before using Axdif, Raza Kopi utilized a standard fingerprint attendance machine. This machine has limitations in managing shifting schedules. As a result, it is pretty tricky for cafe owners and management to oversee their employee's presence.
Raza Kopi employees must avoid absences in this manner during a pandemic due to virus spread. In reality, they should queue to take turns recording fingerprint attendance.
After viewing this circumstance risk, Raza Kopi started using Axdif. Also, the management operated Axdif to manage and oversee its employees' work schedules. Through the online attendance feature, monitoring and managing employee work schedules were controlled remotely by Raza Kopi management directly.
"We are having trouble dividing crew shifts during this pandemic. However, with Axdif, working hours and workdays can be more organized. The cafe crew's attendance is also easy to track while still adhering to health protocols," said Raza Kopi Manager, Najamuddin.
As Najamuddin pointed out, the owner felt secure in ensuring all employees were present at the cafe because Axdif has a GPS geolocation feature. With the addition of the anti-fraud feature, employees will never cheat with apps like fake GPS or other sorts of fraud.
Furthermore, management can also determine the coffee shop situation without visiting the branch by using the "Activity record" in the Axdif attendance feature.
Flexible Leave Scheduling
The employees' wellness during the pandemic may become more vulnerable. If one of the employees' conditions may not allow them to work, it will impact the shift or working schedule. For this reason, management must be flexible in rescheduling leave to run the business.
Raza Kopi found that manually rescheduling for shifting hours would be time-consuming and difficult. In this condition, management realizes that they found the solution through Axdif's Leave Feature. Raza Kopi can accommodate more flexible work leave and sick leave scheduling. Moreover, this feature provides access to import the reports in real-time and practically. So, decisions on rescheduling are faster.
Furthermore, Raza Kopi's employees and management found it easier to apply for leave. Before using Axdif, employees in conditions where it is impossible to work will require time to submit for leave. They should go through the process of submitting their leave directly to management. The Axdif system can process it easier and faster via smartphone.
Based on the Raza Kopi case analysis, Axdif's role is beneficial for this cafe in running its business continuity efficiently and more quickly. By utilizing Axdif as an app to manage their employees' attendance and leave, Raza Kopi can optimize business performance both from the employee and customer side.