Fintech Company
Company Industry : Finance, Technology
  1. Unclear procedures, maintain evidence and susceptibility to fraud is the major issue of the employee claims process.
  2. Cash advance and business trip submissions are complex and time-consuming due to less financial transparency during claim submissions.
  1. The fintech company employees independently submit claims by attaching relevant documents like payment receipts using Axdif's Claim feature.
  2. Utilising the Cash Advance and Business Trip features enables financial transparency and real time record between employees and organisations.

The fintech company is one of the payment system service apps that provides convenience for non-cash transactions. In Indonesia, many users have been utilising them as one of their payment mechanisms since several years ago.
To enhance their user numbers, this company's employees often work in the field to meet clients or hold collaborative events at specific festivals.
Therefore, cost-effectiveness and time efficiency become the main priority in this business process. Those factors will ensure the smooth business operation. Due to their high level of mobility, the company was highly required to process claims fast and transparently.
To answer this demand, This fintech company diligently searched to preserve the integrity of its employees' work processes by carefully selecting reliable third-party apps. They considered an expense claim app with excellent after-sales service and competent customer support.
In response, the Axdif app introduced its platform with the Claim, Cash Advance, and Business Trip features. Following a free trial and necessary customizations by this fintech company's team, Axdif's app has been used by about 500 of this business' employees since 2020. The customer service representatives are also ready to support this app. They will always help this fintech company with any axdif's app issues.
Maintain Claim Evidence Data and Assisting Improving Procedures by Axdif Claim feature
Before implementing the Axdif app, this fintech company's employees faced many delays in the claim process. The submission and approval of the claims process was notably time-consuming. It resulted in slowing down their business operations.
Moreover, the missing payment proof also delayed claims. In effect, the finance team needed extra time to validate these lost documents evidence. As a result, these problems snowballed and significantly slowed business operations.
Since adopting Axdif in 2020, employees of this fintech company have begun submitting claims through their smartphones. The process was significantly optimising the business process. One of the reasons was the digitalisation with Axdif and its cloud storage advantages.
With Axdif's ecosystem, The employee can capture the payment evidence and send the file to the superior and financial team through the Axdif app. Then, their superiors can check all claims directly after the submission. After the claim submission has been approved, the bill will immediately be transferred to the staff's bank account.
In the end, this fintech company achieved transparency. It also has improved the processing time because this app allows employees to submit claims in under 5 minutes independently.
The Implementation Of The Cash Advance And Business Trip Features To Facilitate Real Time Record And Financial Transparency
As a large company, the fintech company requires a digital ecosystem to manage the operation expense. It includes features enabling employees to receive funds quickly for financing event organisation or business trips.
Before implementing Axdif, their submission and approval processes were frequently delayed due to the long process of finance team validation. The employees must also send proofs like transportation booking proof, accommodation and other invoices without any backup in case the proof is lost. It also provided complex expense records regarding unreal time.
Using the Cash Advance feature, their employees can request budgets independently via their Axdif account. Instantly, an approver will receive that request for review. Then, they can decide on the budget process.
The same goes for the Business Trip feature. Employees can request payment on transportation tickets as per company policy. They can submit the evidence as a photo or document for the submission process. With this process, every payment request will have real-time evidence and a proper record. Axdif also saves all evidence in cloud storage. With that benefit, the management and finance team can quickly trace and analyse expenses for future improvement and procedures.
In summary, Axdif is key in enhancing fintech companies' business digitalisation. This app can streamline best practice procedures for claims, cash advances, and business trips. It solved many previous issues that were challenging this company. As a result, It enhances their time efficiency and cost-effectiveness in business operations.