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How to calculate employees working time and monitor employees productivity during Work From Home situation
Utilising mobile attendance application to solve administration and productivity issues

Mobile Attendance App As An Insurance For Tracking Productivity And Managing Payroll
Working from home has been a source of insecurity for any company that is implementing it during COVID-19. This policy is causing disruption on the day to day basis of the employees' productivity. Thus, the emerging trends of the various digital platforms to monitor employee performance has been a discussion among the business community. Those platforms may include, virtual meeting application or software, web-based task management system, and mobile attendance application. These allow companies to ensure their productivity and transparency in order to stay in business.
The objective of this case study is to analyse how a company still pays for its employees' salary during the COVID-19 situation. This situation has forced many companies to rethink their method to pay for the employees. One of the examples is PT Kasir Pintar Internasional, an android-based Point of Sales (POS) application provider, that uses the Axdif app to monitor its employees. The team has decided to implement the application to record their daily attendance and to count their working hours.
The Difficulties To Calculate Payroll And To Track Productivity
PT Kasir Pintar Internasional, a Surabaya-based company, has empowered more than 400.000 MSMEs to run their business through their POS application. Its clients ranging from food trucks to agribusiness, vehicle repair shops to online shops. While most of their clients are still active in completing transactions daily, the office has to stay operating under the local policy to implement work from home. On the other hand, it still has to compensate for the employees who work on their team. The payment involves basic salary, transportation allowance, and food allowance. These items will be paid fully to the employees under several conditions which every company usually regulates differently.
The management team sets the company's policy that the employee will get the full payment if they are able to prove their productivity 8 hours per day. Prior to COVID-19, PT Kasir Pintar Internasional used the fingerprint record attendance method to undertake salary calculation. However, it is almost impossible to calculate the working time that employees have done per day when no one is allowed to show up at the office today.
Another issue with Working From Home policy, that PT Kasir Pintar Internasional is currently facing, is to track the productivity of the employees. The challenge is to ensure that every employee is performing their function. Henceforth, its daily operation can still run smoothly. This condition can be a specter for any employer if they find the employees fail to fulfill their duties subsequently disrupt the business process. To reiterate, when the traditional business process majority is done in the office and is supervised physically, these are inapplicable to be performed in this situation. It also applies to PT Kasir Pintar Internasional, it has to maintain its productivity while every employee is working remotely.
The Future Of Employee Administration
The COVID-19 has forced businesses to operate more flexibly. It means the daily operation can be performed by the employees anywhere. PT Kasir Pintar Internasional has come up with 2 solutions and proved that flexibility in doing business can help any company to stay active and competitive. The solutions to solve payroll calculation and productivity tracking issues. They came from the utilisation of the Axdif app and web-based HRIS.
To overcome the payroll obscurity situation, PT Kasir Pintar Internasional utilises Axdif app. It enforces all employees to record their attendance on the Axdif app. It allows the finance department to calculate the salary and allowances easier. If some employees failed to accomplish it, the consequence is the reduction of their food allowance. Furthermore, if the employees need to work overtime, they can apply through the overtime feature and get approval from their supervisors.
Hence, every employee has succeeded to prove their presence every working day to run their day to day operational activity to the management team. This method has given PT Kasir Pintar Internasional a security to keep paying for their employees while providing the payment the employees deserve.
Finally, PT. Kasir Pintar Internasional also utilises another Axdif feature which is called activity record. This feature can trace the employee productivity. This allows supervisors to monitor their co-workers' daily performance and progress through the file uploaded by each individual. Having the ability to monitor employees' performance can provide employers with trust in carrying out the business during the pandemic. Axdif has provided a new method to support PT Kasir Pintar Internasional in keeping its engine running steadily. As a platform that offers transparency and flexibility in its operation, the Axdif mobile app has solved administration issues as well as productivity issues during the COVID-19 pandemic situation.