Frequently Asked Questions
What is Axdif?
Axdif or called Axdif is an application online / mobile that focuses on managing employee administration. This application can help HR and managers to monitor attendance, claim expenses, business trips, leave and others, especially companies with multiple or multiple hours of work shift massively and real-time.
What is the difference between Axdif and Elabram?
The difference is, if the Axdif provides administrative management applications online based employees, Elabram is a recruitment firm can help you in your employee recruitment needs short or long term and other human resource solutions such as payroll services, HR Outsourcing and HR Consulting.
Is this application paid?
Axdif is a paid application. However, through a promo program independent, prospective users can use it for free as long as 60 days of use upon first registration.
What platforms is it currently available on?
Currently, this application is only available for Android OS only and can already be downloaded on the Playstore. However, going forward, this product will also be developed for other OS such as iOS.
What are the advantages of using a Axdif?
Scheduling becomes faster and more effective, and can be conditioned according to the company's business needs. Features of Attendance by Talenta allows business owners to monitor hours of entry and return of all employees, ensuring every employees are disciplined in working hours according to regulations company.
What types of attendance report recap can be made through Axdif?
There are currently 2 types of reports that can be generated in the application, that is:
  • Complete reports that allow admin to view reports absences in detail as per the date of that period range determined.
  • Compact reports that allow admin to get attendance reports on how many days staff entered, tardiness, total.
Is my company data safe if I use Axdif?
Yes, Axdif adopts cloud computing technology with quality best designed and developed with safety standards the highest.
Are there any support services provided by Axdif if I have problems?
You can contact us at [email protected] for assistance or use the chat feature via our official website at
What roles are there in Axdif application?
There are 3 roles in the Axdif application:
  • Owner: the role for the user who first signs up and creates business / business
  • Admin: role for user authorized by the owner for create a location or schedule and draw a report
  • Employee: the role for the user to clock in or clock out
How many employees can be invited to the system in 1 organization?
We do not put a limit on the number of employees that can be invited to in systems within 1 organization.
How many employees can be an admin at Axdif?
We do not impose limits on employees who can become admin.
Can I use one Axdif account to manage branch employees in different regions?
Of course you can, you can manage all employees at all your branch in 1 Axdif account.
How accurate is the GPS feature of the Axdif? Can I adjust the radius tolerance according to my needs?
The GPS feature will depend on the mobile device used. You can adjust the tolerance radius according to your needs. You can also make settings for the attendance distance limit up to 999 meters, simply by activating it on the bar “Radius Clock-In / Out (meter) ”. As a side note, you can assign more than one work location for each employees according to the needs of your business / organization.
Axdif is also protected against anti-fraud systems so that your employees won't be able to rig the location with the mock feature location / fake location, because Axdif will ask the user to turn it off feature first in order to use the application this.
How many work schedules / shifts that can be made in Axdif?
There is no limit to the number of work schedules / shifts that can be created. You can make a work schedule as needed company / organization.
Translation results If I have several businesses, can I use 1 account at Axdif?
Yes you can, you can create more than 1 organization in 1 Axdif account for every business you have.