About Us
Axdif is one of Elabram Group's business divisions that has a focus on Human Resources systems.
Why we build Axdif?
We started Axdif for our internal use to solve our internal HR challenges as we have staff working in the project field remotely. By having mobile apps, it supports the company anywhere and anytime to track and report work activity from the staff. Axdif is not just a reporting and recording of productivity tools but it creates communication and engagement for staff. Provide holistic experience for staff and management in one apps.
What is needed?
It needs wireless communication technology of 3G and 4G, with smart devices that have geolocation, camera and clock for clock in and clock out of reporting work, and an operating system of Android and Apple iOS to run the apps. And also it can run on desktop.
With Our Passion
Connect, Engage, Experience
How did we build it?
We use Design Thinking and Design Sprint methodology to ideate the system. We ensure it is thoroughly tested out to ensure excellent UI UX is in place for all users.
Who We Are
From the Founder of the company, Head of Tech, Sales Leader and Software Developers are the talents who run the show. We have an excellent Tech team of developers in house from the beginning, and we selected the right team to lead the ideation and designing the product. It all started within the existing core team and we expand from here.