Logistic Company
Company Industry : Logistic, international freight forwarder, customs brokerage for export and import
  1. The complexity of managing employee administration, starting from attendance records to claims, was initially collected manually.
  2. Updated information on goods shipments cannot be tracked in real-time because employees are spread across various locations.
  1. The utilisation of Axdif app for attendance, leave and claims to obtain real-time attendance reports. It created ecosystems of independent employee administration.
  2. Employ Axdif's Task Management Feature to update and track the shipment status. This app ensures real-time team communication and monitoring.

The logistic company serves various sectors, including freight forwarding, project cargo, and customs brokerage.
With many workforces placed inside and outside the office, this company encounters challenges in the administrative process. One example is maintaining employee administration with manual methodology, such as attendance records and annual leave submissions. This approach hinders efficient validation processes.
In the second issue, this business also faces challenges in shipment monitoring. Their clients always demand real-time reports on delivery status. To overcome this concern, this logistic company has been subscribing to the Axdif app since 2021 for enhanced team communication, administrative efficiency, and work management.
Switching the Manual HR Administration Process to the Digital Version
This logistics company stations employees at various locations, such as harbours, airports, and others. The location visit procedure aims to ensure on-time goods deliveries since this matter is a critical aspect of their business.
In the daily operation procedures, the office team processes delivery reports and status updates for clients directly based on the site team's inspection results. Nonetheless, this logistic company faced challenges in tracking the site team's location with this procedure.
One of the reasons was managing annual leave and claim documentation with manual methods based on paper evidence. This manual procedure leads to potential manipulation because they can’t track the real time of the process. Therefore, the main solution was creating a transition to a digital system that aims to address these issues.
Axdif's features were becoming a solution to assist this business in digitising its employee administrative records. Several features like the activity record feature, equipped with GPS, allow the company to track the site team's position at any time.
With the Axdif app assistance, the employees can access their annual leave records without contacting the HR team. Claim submission becomes straightforward with digital processes.
The Task Management Feature Assistance in Delivery Stage Status
In the competitive logistics industry, on-time delivery and tracking of goods are critical. This logistic company, focusing on service quality, has integrated Axdif's Task Management feature into their workflow.
Thus, the Task Management feature implementation in their business process has assisted them in updating the delivery status by the courier. The delivery team will update every good or parcel in Axdif's task management dashboard project. This app also enables delivery supervisors to monitor every stage of the delivery process and efficiently delegate tasks to employees.
In this case summary, this logistic company successfully implements every Axdif feature to streamline its business process. It includes the Employee Self-Service feature for HR administration systems. Besides, they also achieved greater customer satisfaction regarding the delivery process status through Axdif's task management. Dalam ringkasan kasus ini, perusahaan logistik ini berhasil mengimplementasikan setiap fitur Axdif untuk memperlancar proses bisnisnya. Ini mencakup fitur Employee Self-Service untuk sistem administrasi HR. Selain itu, mereka juga mencapai kepuasan pelanggan yang lebih besar mengenai status proses pengiriman melalui manajemen tugas Axdif.