Easy Submitting and Approving Your Leave!
The HRD-ish can review your employee leave requests and approvals. Meanwhile you can provide your employees with the ability to check their leave allowances and applying for leave by using their smartphone only.
Submission and Approval of Leave In Smartphone
Submission and approval of leave can be done easily only by smartphone. Multi-level approval, starting from superiors to the HR team according to company policies.
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Check Your Remaining Leave Allowance
Employees can independently find out their leave quota without having to ask HR.
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Leave Cancellation
If your employees have already received approval for leave but want to cancel it, they can apply for the cancellation of leave which will be processed for approval onwards.
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Flexible Leave Type Setting
Leave policy setting can be more easily adjusted according to company needs and policies also in accordance with government regulations.
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Leave Calendar
Provides the calendar of leave collectively to help the monitoring process towards your employees better with user friendly interface.
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Feature Details that you get
  • Leave Submission
  • Multi-level Leave Approval
  • Employee Leave Monitoring
  • Leave Cancellation Request
  • Leave Cancellation Request
  • Monthly Leave Report
  • Monthly Leave Report
  • Export and Import Data
  • Available on Android / iOS / Huawei
Frequently Asked Questions
Do you have to subscribe to all features?
No, you can choose any features that suit your company's needs.
How much does it cost to subscribe?
Costs are adjusted according to the number of employees and the features used. Please check the price details at https://axdif.com/pricing
How do I subscribe?
You can try free access by registering at https://axdif.com/registration. You can also contact our Sales team to schedule a demo meeting at https://axdif.com/request-demo.
What platforms is Axdif available on?
Axdif is available on the Web, Android, iOS and Huawei App Gallery platforms.
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